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Hello, I'm Harriet.

I founded Boujon Bakery at home in August 2020 – a positive aspect that came out of the pandemic. After graduating from university with a degree in Spanish during lockdown, my original career path within the events and travel industries was put on hold.


Baking has never been a skill of mine until I discovered the joys of biscuit decorating. I, like many of you I’m sure, was drawn in by the satisfying icing videos on Instagram and wanted to give it a go myself.


To begin with, icing biscuits was just a hobby I discovered whilst applying for jobs over the summer in my kitchen at home. After a bit of practice, I started gifting my decorated biscuits to friends and family members. It didn’t take long for the news to spread about my bespoke hand-iced biscuits and cakes, and I started to get paid for the odd biscuit boxes as gifts.


This is when the thought of turning my hobby into a business became real. After some initial research, I noticed a gap in the market for personalised biscuits, something to make me stand out and differ from the other companies already selling iced biscuits. I have always loved finding personalised gifts for friends and family as they mean so much more, so what a better way than to create an edible personalised gift… A couple of months later and with a lot of practise, Boujon quickly became my full-time job!


In the last 3 years, Boujon Bakery has gone from a tiny start-up selling biscuits to the general public, to now creating huge bespoke corporate orders (some around 500 biscuits) for companies such as Hyperoptic, Penguin Random House, and Savills.

Receiving personalised orders is something I thrive off as it brings new challenges every day. I love that each box gives me an insight into a person's life, a company, a celebration or something unique & special. I genuinely love my job and take pride in each and every biscuit that I decorate.


I look forward to seeing what unusual and exciting designs you throw my way...

Cookie love, Harriet.

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